COVID Emergency Relief Appeal

COVID Emergency Relief Appeal


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Please join us in providing emergency relief to partners and destination communities across India and Nepal.

Just £25 provides a family with food and health supplies for 1 month.

Here at Exodus, we've watched in dismay as a second wave of COVID has wrought devastation across India and Nepal. We've heard from our partners in both countries about the impact of not only the health crisis, but also of the growing levels of need caused by the ongoing pause in global tourism - previously a key source of income for so many.

We know many of our customers and partners share our concern for these beautiful countries and their people - and in particular those communities that have hosted many of us so well over the years and decades of Exodus' trips.

So we want to come together to show our support and fund much needed emergency supplies to many who desperately need it right now. Your donations are helping us provide:

  • Four months' supply of food and health essentials for 77 of our porters, guides and other trek staff in Nepal
  • Four months' worth of food and health supplies for 31 of our guides, cooks, ponymen and other trek staff in India 
  • Food and health packages for 200 tribal families around Kanha Tiger Reserve, India
  • Food supplies for further vulnerable communities in Nepal, including Kyanjin Gompa elderly people's home
  • Emergency food supplies and cooking equipment for over 100 people impacted by the current flooding in Nepal

Should the funds raised allow, we will work with our partners to extend the breadth and reach of this aid, keeping you updated.

In the meantime, through our Community Kickstart Project and with the kind support of so many of our customers and partners, we continue to support many other destination communities to recover and rebuild following the impacts of COVID. Read more about our Community Kickstart initiatives at

100% of your donation will go straight to our COVID response initiatives. Thank you for joining us in standing with our Indian and Nepalese colleagues and their communities at this time of great need.


The Exodus Travels Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales (no. 1182265). Donations can be made from any country, though are eligible for a tax deduction in the UK only. Find out more about our mission, governance and work here.