Mountain Lioness Scholarship

Mountain Lioness Scholarship

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The Exodus Travels Foundation are pleased to have committed to award guide training scholarships to 10 women per year for the next three years, to further support women’s employment on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Will you journey with us and our Mountain Lionesses, and ‘pay for a day’? £20 will cover one day’s guide training for each of our 30 awardees, and whatever you contribute, Exodus Travels will double your donation*.

In the Kilimanjaro area, a heavily patriarchal society, women have already made great strides in the last decade by becoming porters on the mountain, gaining the same recognition as their male colleagues. However, we want to help empower women to go one step further in seeking employment on Mount Kilimanjaro; by partnering with Robertson Outdoor Bursary to equip 30 women with the qualifications, knowledge and skills they will need to become professional guides.

This will not only provide an opportunity for these women to increase their household income, but also help provide further role models to inspire other women and girls to consider and pursue employment as on the mountain and within the Kilimanjaro National Park.

You can read more about our Mountain Lioness Scholarship here.

* Up to a total of £5,000.

If we find ourselves in the fortunate position of raising more than is needed for this programme, we will ensure it goes towards our wider Foundation’s work, improving lives in hard to reach places.

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