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Exodus Travels Foundation Morocco Earthquake Recovery Fund


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Please support us in helping to rebuild livelihoods for those most affected by the devastating earthquake in Morocco.

A devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco late on a Friday night, at a time when many people would have been at home and asleep in their beds. Located less than 50 miles to the south of Marrakesh, this is the strongest earthquake ever recorded in the region. Over 2000 people died and the worst affected areas were remote villages in hard-to-reach areas of the Atlas Mountains.

Exodus was shocked and saddened by the news of the earthquake and we know many of our partners and customers share our concern for the people of this beautiful country. We wanted to come together to help in the most impactful way possible through our charity partners, firstly with their intial relief response and now with rebuilding efforts.

Your donations will help support:

  • REACT in providing humanitarian aid where it's needed most and supporting villages such as Tinitine with the reconstruction of their reservoir to restore clean water access
  • The High Atlas Foundation to repair vital water infrastructure in remote villages in the High Atlas Mountains
  • Baraka Community Partnerships to assist people in villages such as Tighza with rebuilding their homes so they don't have to relocate

Thank you for joining us in supporting the people of Morocco in this difficult time.

The Exodus Travels Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales (no. 1182265). Donations can be made from any country, though are eligible for a tax deduction in the UK only. Find out more about our mission, governance and work here.


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