Exodus Travels Foundation

Exodus Adventure Travels Foundation

About us

The Exodus Adventure Travels Foundation is proud to support initiatives all around the world, from Tiger conservation in India, to creating employment opportunities for female porters on Mt Kilimanjaro. 

Our Foundation’s purpose: To invest in incredible projects that make meaningful connections and inspire the protection, restration and regnerations of the places we visit to bring about systemic positive change. 

Our Foundation’s focus: Conservation and regeneration of the natural world

Launched in 2019, the Foundation consolidates decades of support for life-changing, community-based projects across the world. This is work which we simply wouldn’t have been able to undertake without the motivation, generosity and endeavours of our amazing community of colleagues, customers and partners. Together, we consider ourselves to be a community of adventurers who have a firm belief that travel can be a force for good. Will you join us?

Questions about making a donation or setting up a fundraising page? Contact Lizzy at [email protected]



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